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Combating chaos

It's a busy world, a crazy world (at times) and a complex world. What gets in the way of you finding inner calm among crazy chaos? What do you have in your life which nourishes you and invites you back to a place of ease and clarity? I have found that a daily practice of some sort facilitates this - be it walking in nature, sitting quietly, slowly eating a meal or simply just lighting a candle. Taking 5 minutes out from my day and just being with the inner space helps combat the chaos that life can sometimes bring.

It takes commitment to do this regularly and that's where we often fail to do the thing that will benefit ourselves the most! The best way I find is just to start.....keep it simple and achievable and build on that. In fact, most things in life that seem to be difficult can be approached in that way - broken down into small bite sized chunks and then built on from there. Start with you daily 5 minutes and see the benefits.

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