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Fear & Fevers

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Life often doesn't allow us to have downtime - to become unwell and then convalesce - modern life is so very busy! Lucky for us we have a great homeopathic remedy that may help assist the body to overcome potential illness before it becomes full blown. The homeopathic remedy Aconite used at the very beginning of an onset of fever, runny nose or sore throat may alleviate the symptoms and stop a full blown infection occurring. They may feel they are going to die and often predict the time of death.

Often the patient feels very frightened or was frightened just before onset of illness.  Oftentimes when I'm treating someone with standing effects of living in fear, having lingering panic attacks after a frightful experience, or PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), this is a remedy will be top of my mind.

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